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Left:  Joe reflects at the Lincoln Memorial and above;  As a YC Alum, he returned recently to address a recent group of graduates.

Success Stories!

Joe Wilson

Class 64-15

Completed Youth Corps, obtained his High School Diploma, and enrolled in Northampton County Community College pursuing a Specialized Diploma in Welding Technology

Joe is a 24 year old who dropped out school at 17 years old, citing the lure of street life and gang influences as reasons for not completing school.  He also had additional barriers to success having to overcome daunting probationary/parole requirements.  After seeing friends and family suffer from similar choices and not obtaining their education, Joe set out on a path to achieve success.  

Joe enrolled in YC after hearing from friends about the program.  Having set a goal to obtain the HSE and get into training, he buckled down and got to business.  Citing the helpfulness of YC staff, he was able to formulate a plan for his future while simultaneously working on short term goals of obtaining a HSE and getting a job. 

JW completed the YC program in November ’15, and then transitioned to the YC Full-Time Community Service program to get additional employment/educational training.  Having a few extra weeks in the YC environment help him in eventually obtaining a HSE in December’15. 

Subsequently, Joe applied for and was accepted into a  program at Northampton County Community College (NCCC) pursuing a specialized diploma in Welding Technology.  In the ensuing weeks, he also secured employment as a result of assistance from YC Staff, and now works PT while enrolled in NCCC.

We're very proud of what Joe has done in a relatively short time.  We wish him the best of luck!