Youth Corps helped me a great deal.  By working with a peer group in a similar situation, it made me comfortable to be able to address the issues I needed to focus on.  YC helped me learn some life skills that I need to help me become a better person.   The program also helped me to understand that there are a lot of things that I still need to experience.   Now I have a chance to go places that I have never been - all thanks to Youth Corps!                               -Cody Brockelhurst


'My experience at Youth Corps was great. It not only advances your knowledge of class work, but it shows you how to get a job and what it’s like to have a job. If you need help, Thea is always there to help with your school work. If you have a personal problem, you can always talk to June.'

Joshua Newsom

"I don’t know where to start. I am so happy that I attended Youth Corps. This experience was amazing. Being here really opened my eyes to go to college and start my future. In the beginning, I didn’t think I would love being here as much as I do now. All of the staff has an amazing heart and will help you the best that they can. I have met amazing people and worked placed I never thought I would be. This is the best place for people who need a second chance at making the most of their futures."

Danielle Rosario

'My experience here at Youth Corps was awesome! I had a great time. It was an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime and I’m glad I took advantage of it. I made new friends and connected with some old ones. This program has helped me in so many ways. I’m so thankful for this experience.'

Philip Young

"My experience at Youth Corps has been very helpful. I have learned many life skills from the staff. The most important one is that I learned how to communicate with other people. If I knew anyone that had dropped out of school and was struggling, I absolutely would send them here to get the help that they need. I have also made new friends and reconnected with some old friends while in Youth Corps. This is one of the best experiences I have had in a long time."

Charles Macialek Jr.

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Some of our students reflect on their Youth Corps experience.

Corpsmember Testimonials

"My experience at Youth Corps benefited me in a few ways.  When I first came home from being detained, I fell right back into my old ways.  I got charged two weeks after being home for aggravated assault and got kicked out of school.  

After being out of school for a week, I realized that I keep going down the same track.  My family kept encouraging me to go to Youth Corps, so I gave in and started the same day I filled out the application.  After two weeks, I started to look forward to coming in every day.  I got a good feeling because it was helping me in so many ways.  Everyone there was positive with me and always encouraging me even on my down days.  It was also never boring;  Youth Corps kept me interested and motivated.  Lastly-and most importantly they prepared me for the TASC test to help me get my HSE and now I am more than confident I will achieve it!"

                                                                                        -Alex Rodriguez