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About Us

      The Department of Labor & Workforce Development administers the New Jersey Youth Corps, a program that offers young adults between 16 and 25 who have left high school without graduating the opportunity to both earn a high school equivalency and gain work skills through meaningful community service. More than 14,000 young people have participated in the New Jersey Youth Corps since it was established in 1984.

     Corps members attend educational classes and receive personal and career counseling while also participating in community service projects. In addition to a GED, those who complete the program receive help with college referrals, assistance with job placement and a personal career portfolio.  The following is a more detailed look at what The New Jersey Youth Corps offers young people.


New Jersey Youth Corps staff design individual education plans for each member. Members spend half their time in classes geared to helping them earn a GED (General Educational Development). In class, they work in large and small groups and receive individual assistance as necessary. Instruction is also incorporated into their community service projects.



The New Jersey Youth Corps arranges for each young person to participate in Service Learning Projects. The projects provide controlled, supervised work situations that allow Corpsmembers to develop the maturity and skills necessary to be a good employee. Youth Corps members work in a team or "crew" that is led by an experienced Crew Supervisor. Each crew works on a project that that benefits the community, such as landscaping or beautification of public lands, working in Food Banks, facilitating community-wide events and  . These projects help the community and provide Corps member with valuable socialization and employment skills.

Over the years, Youth Corps members have been involved in many major projects. They helped construct and rehabilitate our offices here in Phillipsburg after 3 major floods,  cleared miles of hiking trails, maintained hundreds of acres of property, and provided assistance in disaster recovery after Hurricane Sandy.

Personal and Career Counseling

 The New Jersey Youth Corps provides on-going counseling intended to help Corps members overcome barriers to personal, academic and employment success. They learn skills that will make them more employable and participate in activities designed to help them develop better self-esteem, clarify their values and develop leadership skills.


The New Jersey Youth Corps provides a stipend to young people while they are enrolled in the program ($100.00 weekly)